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Reporting Problems

If you find any problems not listed below, feel free to report them on the Cog Forum. Please don't send them via email as this way everyone can see what others have already discovered.

Current problems that need work

  • Saber fighting is still not quite right yet
  • Bots only randomly choose which force power to use at any one time
  • Bots do not avoid mines
  • Bots do not move to an intercept vector for target (for higher difficulty settings)
  • Sometimes they jump off the catwalk in Valley of the Jedi
  • Bots do not see the lightning trap in CO
  • Sometimes they just walk into walls
  • Appear not to block that many blaster shots
  • Sometimes JK will crash when lots of bots are in the game or when using the 'endgame' command
  • The botcam takes too long to switch back to the player
  • Create built-in Glowsabers for the players to use
  • Attempts to walk through force fields
  • No sound from Concussion rifle secondary fire
  • The game will not end when a bot reaches the score limit, only when a human player reaches it
  • Score limit within 'Arena of Light and Dark' not working correctly
  • Picking up a flag in CTF games is inconsistent
  • Teamplay - bot will shoot a conc or raildet at an opponent too close to you
  • Teamplay - team mates use TD trap in Nar Shadaa against you
  • Rbots is unstable when trying to run over a network or the internet.

Levels that need converting

  • JK - Blades of Death
  • CTF - The Challenge at Nar Shaddaa
  • MotS - Tree Canopy
  • MotS - Hutt Palace
  • MotS - Reactor
  • MotS - Moisture Vaporator Facility
  • MotS - Cargo Ship
  • MotS - Tatooine Homestead
  • MotS - Cloud City
  • MotS - Tibanna Mining Outpost
  • MotS - Imperial Fortress
  • MotS - Imperial Traing Facility
  • MotS - Reactor Coolant Facility

You can of course convert any other level you like, as long as you have the author's permission to do so.

Helping out

As per the new project guidelines, feel free to work on any of the problems or levels listed above. Just inform the project leader Raynar which problem or level you would like to tackle. You may download the current source from the downloads page. If you need help understanding the cog code or are having trouble converting a level, please post a message on the Cog Forum.